Thursday, August 16, 2007

Welcome to Free Nascar Autographs

You are here because you love America's favorite sporting event.......Nascar! The popularity of Nascar has soared in recent years because of the excitement of the racing, the accessibility of the drivers, and the all-American image the sport projects. Many people will stand in line for hours to gain autographs from Nascar Drivers. Did you know that you can get Nascar Autographs for free just by sending a letter and postage? Most drivers will even personalize an autograph on a hero card, sign die-cast cars (their own, of course!), and sign official merchandise that you send to them. I have made autograph requests for years from Nascar Drivers and Nascar Fan Clubs. Whether it takes a few weeks or a few months, you will eventually receive your autograph from you favorite Nascar Driver for free! That is what I believe is special about Nascar, Nascar Drivers, and Nascar Teams. Nascar Drivers take their time to actually show the fans that they care. Please enjoy this work in progress....

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