Saturday, March 15, 2008

Free Nascar Autograph from Driver Johnny Benson

In the post below, I will give you the information needed to obtain a free autograph from Nascar Driver Johnny Benson, driver of the #27 Bill Davis Racing Toyota. Make sure that you send all items with sufficient return postage. Johnny Benson will sign any item that you send as long as it is a licensed product of Bill Davis Racing. This includes Nascar Diecasts, T-shirts, Photos, Hats, and other merchandise.

Johnny Benson Autograph Mailing Address:

Find autograph information for every Nascar Sprint Cup Driver in the 2008 Ultimate Nascar Autograph Request Resource.

1. Due to high demand and the numerous emails we receive, BDR will only process post mail (not email) requests that include self-addressed, self-stamped envelopes and/or packages.
2. For autographed hero cards, please send a self-addressed 9x13 catalog envelope with proper return postage.

Time Frame:
Allow up to three months to complete and process autograph requests.

Johnny Benson Online Info:

Please remember to let us know your success stories at Free Nascar Autographs. Use the comment box below to give all the details.

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