Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Free Autograph of Nascar Star Clint Bowyer

In the post below, I will give you the information needed to obtain a free autograph from Nascar Driver Clint Bowyer, driver of the #07 Jack Daniels RCR Chevy. Make sure that you send all items with sufficient return postage. Clint Bowyer will sign any item that you send as long as it is a licensed product of Richard Childress Racing . This includes Nascar Diecasts, T-shirts, Photos, Hats, and other merchandise.

Clint Bowyer Autograph Mailing Address:

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1. Send autograph requests with a self-addressed envelope/package
along with proper return postage.
*Note: We do not accept personal/certified checks
or money orders for return postage.

2. Please also note that due to the large volume of incoming mail, items do occasionally become separated from their envelopes or packaging. There are also occasions when mail does not reach us. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for lost, missing or unreturned items.

3. To insure your item is returned always provide correct return postage and self-addressed envelope/packaging.

4. Clint cannot sign any items that are not properly licensed except for a single use item that is not for resale. Unlicensed items will be returned unsigned.

5. When requesting autographed hero cards, please include a 9”x12” self-addressed envelope with proper return postage.

6. Die cast Cars: Must be removed from their original packaging and sent to us wrapped in bubble wrap or some other protective paper. This will help speed up your items return. If you send a package insured or certified, send adequate postage for it to be returned to you in the same manner.

Time Frame:
None stated, just be patient.

Clint Bowyer Online Info:

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